Bringing Back The Horror

Grave Corps is a band from Cedar Falls, Iowa. Their unique blend of punk, metal, and rock n’ roll with a horror movie twist, creates a band that is unlike any other. With a wide range of influences containing The Misfits, Avenged Sevenfold, Kiss, Samhain, Rob Zombie, AFI, Guns N’ Roses, Danzig, and Alice Cooper.

They thrill audiences with their huge horror anthems and high-energy stage show. Their vision of a post-apocalyptic, monster filled world comes alive on stage with a plethora of face melting, chant worthy songs that keeps the audience singing along throughout the set.

The time has come for them to bring their Horror anthems back to the masses. With a new lineup and a new album the band is setting it sights on becoming the biggest name in horror rock. Read More about the band!


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